Jo Pavey Zurich () #supermum
  • 30 OCT 2014

Jo Pavey explains how motherhood made her a better athlete

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Paul Tergat New York City Marathon () Fairytales of New York
  • 29 OCT 2014

The New York City Marathon takes place on Sunday. SPIKES recalls some of the most epic races in the Big Apple.

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Dwight Phillips () A guide to world domination
  • 28 OCT 2014

The legendary Dwight Phillips tells SPIKES his seven steps to long jump heaven. Listen carefully.

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Diamond League Trophy () Just got rich
  • 27 OCT 2014

Five of this year's Diamond League winners tell SPIKES how they're spending their spoils

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Kate and Kathy Grace Yoga () Running in the family
  • 23 OCT 2014

When your mum is a fitness icon and you're the unborn star of exercise videos, it's no surprise if you turn into a world class athlete, as Kate Grace tells SPIKES.

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Gia Lewis-Smallwood () Going long
  • 22 OCT 2014

Gia Lewis-Smallwood's has just enjoyed her best season ever. She told SPIKES how it happened.

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Michael Shelley () How to win a marathon
  • 21 OCT 2014

Commonwealth games marathon winner Michael Shelley's perfect preparation

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Valerie Adams () The joy of six
  • 20 OCT 2014

Our fave pics of the six finalists for the World Athlete of the Year award

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Maggie Vessey () Maggie knows vests
  • 17 OCT 2014

Maggie Vessey's trademark outfits mean more to her than just fashion...

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Felix Sanchez Tattoos () Visible Ink
  • 16 OCT 2014

Double Olympic gold medalist Félix Sánchez reveals the meaning behind his tattoos.

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