Javelins Indoor () Undercover javelin
  • 29 JAN 2015

Ever thrown a javelin indoors? The Finns have

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Monique Éwanjé-Épée () Take a look at me now
  • 29 JAN 2015

French 60mh and 100mh hurdle national record holder Monique Éwanjé-Épée tells SPIKES about the music that was always on her mind.

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Brianne Theisen-Eaton () Words of wisdom – Brianne Theisen-Eaton
  • 28 JAN 2015

Canadian world heptathlon silver medallist Brianne Theisen-Eaton offers her words of wisdom

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The great Indoors () In the Cities
  • 27 JAN 2015

There are five IAAF Indoor Permit meetings in 2015. Here's something interesting about each of them.

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The Great Indoors () Indoor Athletics: Victorian Style
  • 26 JAN 2015

SPIKES went on a field trip to discover the origins of indoor track and field.

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Jamie Bowie () British Blood, Scottish Heart
  • 23 JAN 2015

Athletics returns to Glasgow with this weekend's indoor international match. World indoor silver medallist Jamie Bowie tells SPIKES why he's proud to be Scottish.

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Haile Gebrselassie () The Dubai Marathon in Numbers
  • 22 JAN 2015

We've put together some pretty geeky numbers about the Dubai Marathon.

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David Oliver Moscow () Words of wisdom - David Oliver
  • 21 JAN 2015

110m hurdles world champion David Oliver shares the lessons he's learned on and off the track

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Paula Radcliffe Helsinki 2005 () Paula's Perfect Ten
  • 20 JAN 2015

In the year she takes on her final marathon, we celebrate Paula Radcliffe's most memorable performances.

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Juantorena Brockmann () The man with the iron fist
  • 19 JAN 2015

Why is double Olympic champion and former 800m world record holder Alberto Juantorena so angry?

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