Berlin Marathon () Still to come in 2014
  • 22 SEP 2014

World records, red carpets and a lot of mud. In its final months, 2014 still has a lot to offer.

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Mike Rodgers Trials () Rodgers likes fish, no quips
  • 18 SEP 2014

"If I was a tropical fish, I would be a ..."

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Kajsa Bergqvist Nanjing () Kajsa presents
  • 17 SEP 2014

As a three-time world champion, Kajsa Bergqvist is used to being in the spotlight. We learn about her new challenge on the screen.

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Brooks Beasts in London () On the road
  • 15 SEP 2014

"Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road," wrote Kerouac. SPIKES meets two American runners who spend most of their life on tour, heading to the next race.

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O'Dayne Richards SPIKES () Yabba-dabba do'dayne
  • 12 SEP 2014

SPIKES charts the rise of O'Dayne Richards, from Fred Flintstone to a world-class shot putter (via a football goal).

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agasga () The squirrel whisperer
  • 11 SEP 2014

"Besides my squirrel socks, I have a squirrel sweater and t-shirt. And squirrel figurines, as well as a squirrel poster in the bathroom"

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agag () One more Myles
  • 10 SEP 2014

800m youth Olympic champion Myles Marshall tells SPIKES why he wouldn't swap his genes for the world...

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Novlene Williams-Mills London () I'm a survivor
  • 08 SEP 2014

In 2012 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. On Friday, Novlene Williams-Mills took the Diamond League crown.

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Kaliese Spencer () Will the real Kaliese Spencer please stand up?
  • 04 SEP 2014

The Jamaican sprinter waited all her career for a senior medal, then two came along at once.

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sadhh () King of throws
  • 02 SEP 2014

Five reasons why the hammer throw rocks.

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