Will Leer

Everything the body needs before this mornings impromptu turkey trot host by our friends at @crybabyhouse . Make sure to check out the @rollrecovery #R3 . This thing is a game changer in preventing plantar fasciitis and relieving foot pain from hard training. The R3 is officially up for Pre-Order on their website! (rollrecovery.com) You can find it in stores and online for purchase within the next two weeks! #DigDeeper #InjuryPrevention

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Exploring LA with @jwjeffer and @aishapraught . This'll be one heck of an adventure.

Some like it hot. #habanero Enjoying the @smfms with the family in preparation for tomorrow's feast.

I call this my "recovery chair". Not sure if there's a better way to relax and replenish between the the morning (run, weights, form drills, rehab exercises) and afternoon (run followed by obligatory body surfing) sessions... If only I dared to bring my @rollrecovery R8 out to the sand. #rio2016 #roadtorio

Sometimes a little hang out with the kiddos is exactly what a Saturday needs. Thanks @themaasman @wiggsisawesome @shickich @heathershick for the terrific brunch.

To Paris, with all my love. #prayforparis #prayforhumanity

Something crazy was happening during sunrise this morning. This photo doesn't nearly do it justice. Time to πŸƒπŸ» and then catch some 🐟. #pnw #tracktownusa #eugene #oregon #sunrise

Good morning, @tracktownusa ! It's another beautiful day in the Emerald Valley. T-minus one week until the drip feeding of some #verynice workouts begins. As the sagely lyrics of Willie Nelson proclaim, "On the road again..." This time, to #rio2016 . #niketf #nikerunning #oregon #pnw

A fall weekend in #Minnesota was exactly what the doctor ordered. Crisp air filled the lungs on every run. Breathtaking colors dazzled the eyes at every turn. Memories of painful cross country racing stung like hydrogen peroxide on a fresh wound. Alas, the splendor of fall won me over and still managed to make me miss XC season. #nikerunning #lakeminnetonka #nikexc #niketf #nofilter #sunrise #capturemn

How exited are we to be celebrating the 1-year Runniversary of @rungum and #teamRunGum ? Pretty sure this photo says it all. Excited to put one of our favorite products to use in the Olympic year! #chewRunGum #rio2016 #niketf #nikerunning

When the line between #friends and #family gets forever blurred. @aishapraught and I have spent the last week with the Sierra, Lachlan & @willisnick experiencing the terrificness of fall in #Michigan: running, kid time, #umich football games, beaches, dunes, bonfires, meals, coffee, late night chats. It has all been #verynice . These memories will last a lifetime and will stand alongside many in the future. We are so grateful for these kinds of relationships. #puremichigan #framily

Had a #verynice trip in Ann Arbor. See you next fall. #puremichigan #goblue #niketf #nikerunning Editors note: should've worn the Kiger. #niketrail Joke and photo courtesy of @lexwillliams .

@christiansmith83 is getting married today. How did we prepare? With a good dose of fresh air thanks to the Konza Prairie preserve. Nothing clears the mind and settles the nerves better than a run with great friends. Will he dive to win her everlasting love at the alter today? I guess we will have to wait and see. πŸ“·: @aishapraught Edit: @jwjeffer #nikerunning #niketf #olympian #otcelite

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