Will Leer

A beautiful, British summer's day. #winteriscoming

Beach day in London. #BritishSummer

Dublin. 📷: @macfleet

When in Dublin, tour the Guinness factory. Sláinte.

That kind of night when you and all of your friends show up wearing the same shirt. Show up together? Nope. Plan it earlier? Yup. Everybody's got #choices #e40 #leuvenit #USsummerTF

Have you ever been out on a run, seen a mountain/hill/bump on the horizon and wondered what life would look like from up there? @lmwallace800 @benfblankenship @teddybayer1500 @haasruns @jockncj and @flotrack_trackisback posed the question during our pre-race workout and decided to find out (note: the easy way, by taking a gondola). Mt. Pilatus towers over the city of Luzern, Switzerland, as its ever watchful protector. If mountains had eyes, I'm sure Pilatus' would have seen some pretty amazing things. Tomorrow, it'll have to settle for some world-class track and field. And also fireworks. #niketf #nikerunning #USsummerTF

Nothing like a little humor to lighten up an otherwise nightmare-ish travel day. Thank you Barcelona Airport Dust Mop Queen, you're brilliant and I love you.

Yesterday, Oregon did not suck. #nofilter #USATFoutdoors

Hear ye! Hear ye! Track and field fans, I've got some HOT, HOT, HOT news! I’ll be signing autographs from 4-5PM today at the Official USATF Merchandise tent. Don't worry, I won't be as stand off-ish as in this photo. #USATFoutdoors #USATF #nike #runnerspace #ShowUsYourWings

Life goals realized. Thanks, Eugene Saturday Market, @macfleet @sammurphy33 and @tomfarrell1 for the memorable brunch.

Reminiscing about the first time I ever raced at Historic Hayward Field: the 2007 Pre-Pre Classic. Here's a photo, courtesy of @maxwellleer , of me doing a stride 8 years ago. Roughly 50 people, most memorably the rowdy teammates of @jordanmcnamara , filed in to the stadium on a drizzly evening to watch a single 1500m race. Amazing how far Distance Night and the overall marketing (notice the lack of sponsorship signage on the backstretch) of the #PreClassic has come. #niketf #nikerunning

How'd you start your day? @nicksymmonds and I were up at 4 am for a guided fishing excursion on the McKenzie River. If the early bird gets the worm we certainly hope the early anglers slay the fish!

Capitalizing on opportunities: Road trip to PDX with @oregontrackclubelite to celebrate the unveiling of the countdown clock to #portland2016 . We were lucky enough to see @aishapraught practice her victory pose. Come join us in Pioneer Square for the festivities!

Fan boy-ing HARD at the Oregon Twilight Meet with the third fastest high school miler ever in the U.S. @matoneghy #mile #sub4 #niketf #nikerunning

#tbt to that time when my big brother @maxwellleer accompanied my P.I.C. @aishapraught through a grinding 1k-reps session. As the ever perspicacious Vince Vaughn reminds us in Wedding Crashers, "People helping people. It's powerful stuff." 📷: @jwjeffer #nikeLA #niketf #nikerunning #jibstreettrackclub #jstc #teamRunGum #verynice #thatsfine #track

It's a vault off on Court Ave in Des Moines! #DrakeRelays #polevault #niketf

#Repost @maxwellleer with @repostapp.
2.5 yrs later we (Leers) stand unified as a family and my father has "graduated" and just had his cancer port removed. @williamleer + I have definitely grown more grey and are now both over 30, but the love and strength of our family is still in tact and more powerful than ever. We survive; we move on...together. Family is where it all starts and ends and I'm so grateful for these three every damn day of my life. And to everybody who has helped us over these last few years, we love you and are very blessed for your love. #leers #preach #oceansheal {PC: @jwjeffer}

Reveling in post-workout bliss with @aishapraught . Successful days had by all at the track this afternoon. Strong community feel as athletes from different training groups cheered one another towards greatness. #niketf #nike #nikerunning

#tbt to our #DiscoveryRun heading east on the Urban Trail in January. Hit up the same trails for the Bagel Run this morning, swapping mud for a little dust. It's so nice to have the expansive variety of trails in Flagstaff clear and runnable in the spring. And even better to tackle these runs with the locals who get lost far less often than the visitors. #FlagstaffMuch #trailrunning #nikerunning #otcelite #verynice

Feeling fortunate to have all of the members of #teamRunGum in Flagstaff. It was a definite no-brainer to #squadup and hit a group run at Buffalo Park yesterday evening. #niketf #nikerunning #nike #FlagstaffMuch #TotalSportsUS 📷: @jwjeffer

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