Diamond League Trophy () Just got rich
  • 27 OCT 2014

Five of this year's Diamond League winners tell SPIKES how they're spending their spoils

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Valerie Adams () The joy of six
  • 20 OCT 2014

Our fave pics of the six finalists for the World Athlete of the Year award

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Cathy Freeman () Does my run look big in this?
  • 13 OCT 2014

We're kicking off SPIKES Fashion Week with a look at our favourite outfits of all time.

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Tianna Bartoletta SPIKES () Back from the brink
  • 09 OCT 2014

Tianna Bartoletta tells SPIKES how she managed to come back from a career threatening injury and how rehab is more than just physical.

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Alfred Carlton Gilbert () A.C. Gilbert: Pole vault pioneer
  • 08 OCT 2014

He was a toy designer, magician, world record holder, Olympic champion, and he invented the pole vault box. SPIKES tells Alfred Carlton Gilbert's incredible story...

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Berlin Marathon () Still to come in 2014
  • 22 SEP 2014

World records, red carpets and a lot of mud. In its final months, 2014 still has a lot to offer.

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Kajsa Bergqvist Nanjing () Kajsa presents
  • 17 SEP 2014

As a three-time world champion, Kajsa Bergqvist is used to being in the spotlight. We learn about her new challenge on the screen.

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as () "I want to be a tractor"
  • 01 SEP 2014

Teenage heptathlete Ashlee Moore talks to SPIKES about falling for track and field and signing up for the Oregon Ducks.

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Mutaz Essa Barshim () Barshim on the bounce
  • 27 AUG 2014

Mutaz Essa Barshim set a new Diamond League record of 2.42m earlier this year. But there are three other jumps in his career he'll never forget...

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