Derek Drouin () Making the Magical Mark
  • 17 APR 2015

How Canada’s world and Olympic bronze medallist Derek Drouin cleared 2.40m

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Tokyo track () Best. Airport. Ever.
  • 13 APR 2015

Last week an athletics meet in an airport hangar. This week a running track in an airport! Thanks, Japan!

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Benn Harradine () Benn Harradine is the Controller
  • 09 APR 2015

Australian discus record holder Benn Harradine reveals his fantasy athletics meet.

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Mossy and Robbo () #RunJumpChuck
  • 02 APR 2015

How Australian cult track and field broadcasters Mossy and Robbo are revolutionising the way we consume athletics

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Patrick Sjoberg () The Big Sjo
  • 17 MAR 2015

Ato Baldon speaks to the former high jump world record holder Patrik Sjoberg for the latest episode of IAAF Inside Athletics.

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Katarina Johnson-Thompson () Liverpool's finest
  • 13 MAR 2015

Newly crowned European champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson reveals her favourite five Liverpool FC players

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Mike Powell () Already winning
  • 06 MAR 2015

Long jump world record holder Mike Powell has more than just a world masters record of 6.84m in his sights...

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Dick Fosbury () Jumping backwards. Moving forwards.
  • 03 MAR 2015

Ato Boldon speaks to high jump pioneer and 1968 Olympic champion Dick Fosbury for the latest episode of IAAF Inside Athletics.

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Amy Acuff () Professional development
  • 19 FEB 2015

Amy Acuff was the pin up girl of American high jump. Now she's putting her knowledge in to code.

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