O'Dayne Richards SPIKES () Yabba-dabba do'dayne
  • 12 SEP 2014

SPIKES charts the rise of O'Dayne Richards, from Fred Flintstone to a world-class shot putter (via a football goal).

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sadhh () King of throws
  • 02 SEP 2014

Five reasons why the hammer throw rocks.

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as () "I want to be a tractor"
  • 01 SEP 2014

Teenage heptathlete Ashlee Moore talks to SPIKES about falling for track and field and signing up for the Oregon Ducks.

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Birds Nest SPIKES () Back to the Bird's Nest
  • 22 AUG 2014

With one year to go until Beijing hosts the world champs, SPIKES speaks to China's long jump medal hope Li Jinzhe.

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Wilson Kipketer Zurich () Best of Zurich
  • 12 AUG 2014

With the 2014 European Championships taking place in the iconic Letzigrund Stadium, we picked some of the most memorable performances on Zurich's super fast track.

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Valarie Allman () So you think you can throw?
  • 11 AUG 2014

Discus world junior silver medallist Valarie Allman has more on the go than just her throw. We speak to the Stanford student, who must be running out of space on her résumé.

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RS () Raven's one shot
  • 05 AUG 2014

Find out how YouTube and GoFundMe helped turn the dreams of Raven Saunders into reality.

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main image () First stab
  • 04 AUG 2014

Throwing might look like a brutish, no-nonsense exercise. But as Dave Backhouse finds out, pure power and a masterclass from a pro is not enough to send a javelin sailing into the distance.

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Kim Mickle () Typical Mickle
  • 29 JUL 2014

Australian javelin record holder and sometime rock star Kim Mickle takes us through her typical day.

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