Michelle Carter Rio 2016 () "Trust Your Coach"
  • 28 MAR 2017

Olympic shot put champion Michelle Carter shares her wisdom

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Almaz Ayana () The Perfect Ten
  • 27 MAR 2017

World record holder Almaz Ayana is ready for more

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Christoph Harting celebrates gold at the Rio Olympics (Getty Images) "Rome wasn’t built in a day"
  • 22 MAR 2017

Olympic discus throw champion Christoph Harting talks championships, technique and more

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Patrick Tiernan competes at the Zatopek 10k (Getty Images) Hands up if you love XC
  • 20 MAR 2017

"It becomes more of an analytical game. I like that concept."

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Christine Ohuruogu at the Rio Olympics (Getty Images) "Take a deep breath and relax"
  • 15 MAR 2017

Christine Ohuruogu talks championship top tips and more. She's won a few.

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Wayde van Niekerk with his gold medal in Rio (Getty Images) It's really just the beginning
  • 14 MAR 2017

Wayde van Niekerk tells Ato Boldon how he found new confidence before the Olympics

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Wilma Murto at the 2016 Bydgozcz World U20 Championships (Getty Images) A Pole Vault Love Story
  • 10 MAR 2017

"If you try to make sense of it, it doesn’t make any sense."

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Thomas Rohler competes at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing (Getty Images) "There are no limits"
  • 09 MAR 2017

Olympic javelin champ Thomas Rohler gives training, competition and lifestyle advice

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Olympic champion Ryan Crouser competes in the shot put in Rio (Getty Images) "I’m a big fan of visualisation"
  • 01 MAR 2017

Olympic shot put champion Ryan Crouser shares some solid advice

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Keni Harrison dives for the line while breaking the 100m hurdles world record (Getty Images) When coach tells you to dive, you dive
  • 28 FEB 2017

"The long-term goal is to have all the world records in all hurdles events."

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