The shot put isn’t the only piece of heavy metal two-time world champion David Storl is in to. The German tells SPIKES about his love of rock’n’roll.

Of all athletes in track and field, it is perhaps the shot putters who best embrace the rock'n'roll spirit. From whisky guzzling, cigar chomping Christian Cantwell, to mask and cape wearing Reese Hoffa, the event has often served up characters who have dared to be different.

So perhaps it is no great surprise to discover that 2011 and 2013 world champion David Storl likes nothing more than listening to a bit of ear-splitting heavy metal in his downtime, during training and ahead of a competition.

“I started to get into heavy metal around the age of 16 when I first started shot putting,” explains Storl, a former multi-eventer. “This is the kind of music I like to listen to when I'm running, or at the gym, and the older guys also listen to it.”

Among Storl's favourite bands are German industrial metallers Rammstein and US heavy rockers Slipknot. He cites Do Anything and Duality by the Slipknot as two of his favourite songs to get in the zone pre-competition.

Where training commitments will allow, the two-time European shot put champion also loves to attend live gigs. He saw Rammstein play in Berlin last May and was hopeful of catching AC/DC when the Australian rockers hit Germany in May.


David Storl ()

On bass guitar... Mr David Storl

Surprisingly, for a double world champion who stands at 1.99m, he says he is never recognised at live gigs.

“I don't think anyone has have the time to recognise me and I like it that way,” adds the modest German. Still he reckons track and field could supply a mean heavy metal band which he would call “The Fast and The Furious”.

He would put his good friend and double Olympic shot put champion Tomasz Majewski of Poland on vocals (somewhat ironic considering his nickname is 'The Silent Giant').

“He would have the long hair and would look good,” insists Storl.

The German himself would play bass guitar “because it is much cooler” than lead guitar, while on the drums would be 2007 world shot put champion Reese Hoffa.

And Storl's lead guitarist? “Darya Klishina, the long jumper, because she would look nice,” he laughs.

Watch this space.