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Andre De Grasse

Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse wants to find the right rhythm on and off the track.

1. Piano playing is on my bucket list

"I like hip-hop, Soca, rap and R&B music but I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano. I find it really fascinating. A couple of my friends play the piano back home in Canada and they say whenever I get the chance, they will teach me to play.

"If I find the time, I would love to take them up on that offer one day. Why the piano? Well, when I hear it as a background instrumental I think people who play the piano have such a gift and it would nice to learn that gift at some point, too."

2. I like to run with jewellery

"I like to wear my jewellery when I compete. I guess it is a superstition of mine. I like to wear a chain, a bracelet and some ear-rings.

"It is what I have done since I started track – I guess it suits my personality. The bracelet I wear was given to me by my mum. It is a 14-carat gold bracelet. It's not too heavy because I have to sprint with it on.

"The jewellery never acts as a distraction. It would be much more of a distraction if I didn’t have the jewellery on."

3. People misread my personality

"People who don’t know me think I’m quiet and reserved. I don’t know why people think that because I am quite different.

"I’m a really approachable guy and people can talk to me about anything (SPIKES agrees; Andre is an amazingly engaging and open personality). People who don’t know me would think I was shy, but I like to break the ice with a few funny comments during training. I am really outgoing."