Olympic 400m hurdles champion Kerron Clement reveals his race day superstition in the final instalment of Did You Know...?

1. I love to play tennis

“My passion for tennis goes back to when I first started watching Serena and Venus Williams on TV. I love the sisters because of the way the pair changed what was up until then a white dominated sport and I also I really admire their fighting spirit, which is something I try to mimic on the athletics track.

“I also like to play tennis against my training partner [US 400m sprinter] David Verburg on weekends. One off-season I was bored so decided to pick a tennis racquet. I am still learning the game, but in a match between myself and David I tend to win. I’m still learning the game in terms of the serves etc, but I would like to think I can chase down those balls!”  

2. I’m a coaching volunteer

“Many people might not know I am a volunteer assistant coach at the University of Florida. I like to coach and motivate the kids and it is definitely something I want to develop in the future. I have been in the role for three years and helping kids fulfil their potential is something I enjoy. In fact, I like to see everyone fulfil their potential.

“A few years back the 2013 World Championships 400m hurdles champion Jehue Gordon asked me for hurdles advice and I was only too happy to give it. I’m still forming my coaching style, but I think I’d be a disciplinarian. I would not tolerate slacking. It would be business at training.”

3. I like to wear lucky white in finals

“A long held superstition of mine is to wear something white in a final. So whether that is white sleeves or white shoes, I always like to wear white because it represents purity.

“The tradition started way back in college and this even extends to my family, who also wear white when they’re watching me compete in the stadium. “