We've made a listicle, starring some of the best athletes ever and ten of the best hairstyles ever ever. 

1. Phillips Idowu

At 6ft 5ins and peppered with facial piercings, the shy and retiring Londoner has always struggled to stand out from the crowd.

Phillips Idowu Hair ()

2. Matt Elias

Welsh 400m hurdler Matt Elias often graced the track with bold hairstyles. We don't know what this is, but A+ for effort.

Matt Elias  ()

3. Martina Pretelli 

Do you remember the famous lightning bolt in Moscow? No, not that one. This one, belonging to San Marino sprinter Martina Pretelli. 

Martina Pretelli ()

4. Tatyana Lebedeva

The original crimson-tinged jumper, spurred on to a clutch of world and Olympic LJ and TJ medals by red hair dye.

Tatyana Lebedeva Hair ()

5. Vadims Vasilevskis

The Latvian javelinist celebrated throwing past the 90-metre mark with, err... 

Vadims Vasilevskis ()

6. Carl Lewis

American hero Carl Lewis is one of the the most successful athletes of all time. But at the Prefontaine Classic in 1997, this happened.

Carl Lewis ()

7. Flo-Jo

If a mullet and a perm had a baby...

Florence Griffith-Joyner ()

8. Eunice Barber

Check out the highlights package on France's 1999 world heptathlon champ.

Eunice Barber Hair ()

9. Anneisha McLaughlin 

Jamaican sprinter with a glittering youth career, here she is shaking her head feathers. 

Anneisha Mclaughlin hair ()

10. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 

SAFP, quite literally, painted Moscow pink last year

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Hairstyle ()