SPIKES gets the scoop the world has been waiting for. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce reveals her love affair with cool hair, and how she literally painted Moscow pink during the 2013 World Championships.

“As an athlete, one thing I love is hair. I’m fascinated with hair, and I’m fascinated with colours of hair. Before I was an international athlete I used to wear purple… and green… and all colour different hair, because I love being able to change my look.

"Before Moscow, I was leaving Monaco [after the Diamond League] and I was on the bus going to the airport and I was saying to my coach that I wanted to colour my hair, and he was like: ‘What colour?’ He suggested green and yellow and I was like: ‘No! I’m not gonna put green and yellow in my hair!’

“But then I thought: my spikes are pink, so I’m gonna go pink."

“I remember, in my room in Moscow, I had my hair outside my window because it was still drying, and it was dripping pink!

“All the boys came to the dining room and were like: ‘I know which room you’re in! The room with all the pink running down!’ I looked outside and there was pink running all the way down from my room.

“I had to trial it and I remember going to training in the morning and thinking ‘it’s too bright. It’s too bright!’ My teammates were saying, ‘it’s not too bright, it’s OK for you’.

“I remember going next door to get my pink nail polish, and painting my nails pink, and I was ready: I was all pink!”