Meet world javelin silver medallist Kim Mickle: a spear chucker who can bust out a mean guitar riff, and act the fool with her comedy alter ego.

"I love my music, and the more I play, the more it helps me switch off [from athletics]. I used to play a lot and I come and go with my phases of getting really obsessed. I love listening to music in the gym and when I'm warming up. 

"I'm a real rock'n'roll fan. I always loved to be able to do what I can see other people doing. I think I was in year eight [aged 12/13] when I started playing the guitar.

"I love Metallica and I can play pretty much every Metallica song. I also always loved Led Zeppelin and ACDC. I really like the hard and fast music, which pumps me up for a competition. 

"Before Moscow, I got really got into two local bands to me [in Perth, Australia]: Hailmary and Gay Paris. I'm sure it was a blend of these two that I was listening to before my world final.

"I'm pretty good at things like playing at a friend's birthday party. I wouldn't call myself good enough to play in a band, but I can hold a tune. I'm definitely not bad [laughs].

"I have three electric guitars. I love my Fender Telecaster. They are really good to play for fast music, which I love.

"Playing the guitar helps my athletics because it gives me a good distraction. It is a good outlet from athletics. I go to gigs all the time and I like to follow my local bands. It gets me pumped and takes my mind to a different place. 

"I've actually featured on some comedy songs performed by Ionic Llama. I've got an alter ego called Sheila, they've got me to do some pretty funny things."

And here she is. Sheila in action, in one of her Iconic Llama performances: