Life in Australia takes place outdoors. We know, because when SPIKES asked Olympic 100m hurdles champ Sally Pearson to name her favourite room, her answer was the patio. Typical.

Come outside

“Australians love their outdoors, so I would say my favourite room is the patio.”

Work in progress

“We are in the process of starting the room, so it will be my favourite when it is complete. I'm waiting for Kieran [Pearson’s husband] to build some legs for a table made from an old Queenslander door, which are these amazing doors built in my home state. I would like the table legs to be an old wooden sawhorse. Then we'd get some outdoor furniture and do some painting.

“The patio is like a conservatory in many other countries, but in Australia we are lucky enough to have this area outside in the fresh air and the sun. At the moment the area looks a little bit ugly, but I have been too lazy and lacking in motivation to do anything about it.”

Sally Pearson ()

Pearson has been too busy for DIY: yesterday (March 29th) she won the women's 100m hurdles at the Australian Athletics Championships in Brisbane

Dinner date

“The table can fit around six people and is great for dinners and small parties. We have a nice view of the ocean in the distance [Pearson lives on Australia’s Gold Coast].

“If I could invite another four people from the world of track and field for a party to join Kieran and I, it would have to be athletes with a personality and charisma. I would definitely ask Valerie Adams because she is a crack up. 

“I would also invite Felix Sanchez because he is an interesting guy with the ability to make people laugh. I would also ask David Oliver – who also likes interior designs and told me last year he likes homeware – to come along. The fourth person would be Robert Harting. I like people with a bit of character and I think he has it.”