The start of the 2017 IAAF World Indoor Tour is also the start of the road to the 2018 World Indoor Championships in Birmingham. This is how athletes can book their tickets early.

Each stop on the IAAF World Indoor Tour includes events that count towards an overall tour ranking. Events are split across a two season cycle.

For 2017, the men’s ranking events are 400m, 1500m, 60m hurdles, high jump and long jump; the women’s are 60m, 800m, 3000/5000m, pole vault, triple jump and shot put.

Events have been divvied up between each meeting. You can find an overview of the ranking events at each meet by clicking these words.

In ranking events, points will be awarded for the top four finishers:

1st place – 10 points

2nd place – 7 points

3rd place – 5 points

4th place – 3 points

If an athlete achieves a world record, they will get three bonus points.

In field events, the field must contain at least six athletes in order for points to be awarded.

Meeting organisers can stage ranking races over alternative distances. In this instance, races of 300m and 500m will count towards the 400m, 600m and 1000m towards the 800m, 1 mile and 2000m towards the 1500m, and 2 miles towards 3000m/5000m. If these distances are to be be contested as ranking races, they will be confirmed and announced ahead of the meeting.

Organisers are able to stage qualifying heats and a final for 60m and 60m hurdles races only, but points will only be awarded in the final. For all track events, more than one race per event can be staged, with times combined and points awarded to the athletes with the four fastest times overall.

In case of a tie for the same position, the points will not be divided between the tying athletes, but each tying athlete will receive the full amount of points corresponding to the place.

Athletes can participate in as many meetings as they wish, but only their best three results will count towards their final ranking. The overall winner of each event must have competed in at least two meetings. If there is a tie for first, the athlete with the best performance from the tour will be deemed the winner.

The individual overall winner of each event will receive a cool $20,000 and get a wildcard for the next edition of the IAAF World Indoor Championships, which will be staged in 2018 in Birmingham.

The race to get there is on.