With the 9th edition of the IAAF World Youth Championships set to launch into action in Cali, Colombia on Wednesday, we bring you 17 questions to test your knowledge of the biennial event. Why 17? Well, you have to be under-18 to compete in the global age-group event. Good luck!

1. Which city hosted the inaugural IAAF World Youth Championships in 1999?

A: Ostrava, Czech Republic

B: Debrecen, Hungary

C: Bydgoszcz, Poland

D: Malmo, Sweden

2. At which world youth champs did Usain Bolt strike gold?

A: 2001

B: 2003

C: 2005

D: 2007

3. Which future world 400m hurdles champion won a silver medal in the 200m at the 1999 World Youth Championships?

A: Zuzana Hejnova

B: Jana Pittman

C: Lashinda Demus

D: Melaine Walker

4. Which nation has won the most gold medals in the throws events at the world youth championships?

A: Germany


C: China

D: Russia

5. Which of the following nations has won the most gold medals at world youth championships?

A: Spain

B: Bermuda

C: Nigeria

D: Canada

6. Which fashionable US athlete with a passion for pink struck gold in the 400m and Medley Relay at the 2003 World Youth Championships in Sherbrooke?

A: Sanya Richards-Ross

B: DeeDee Trotter

C: Natasha Hastings

D: Francena McCorory

7. Allyson Felix was first and Kerron Stewart second in the final of which event at which world youth championships?

A: 100m 2001

B: 200m 2001

C: 100m 2003

D: 200m 2003

8. How many times has the US won the men’s 100m world youth title?

A: 0

B: 1

C: 2

D: 3

9. Ostap the Gopher was the official mascot at which world youth champs?

A: Lille, France

B: Bressanone, Italy

C: Donetsk, Ukraine

D: Ostrava, Czech Republic

10. Kenya won silver and bronze in the boys 800m at the 2009 World Youth Championships but an athlete from which country surprisingly struck gold?

A: Finland

B: Sweden

C: Latvia

D: Lithuania

11. What age was Kirani James when he won a 400m silver medal at the 2007 World Youth Championships in Ostrava?

A: 14

B: 15

C: 16

D: 17

12. In which event at the 2009 World Youth Championships did Suphanara Suksawat become Thailand’s first ever world athletics champion?

A: Javelin

B: High Jump

C: Pole vault

D: Long jump

13. Which nation claimed an unexpected 1-2 in the boys 100m at the 2003 edition?

A: Bahrain

B: Qatar

C: Kuwait

D: Saudi Arabia

14. Sally Pearson (nee McLellan) struck gold in the 100m hurdles at the 2003 World Youth Championships. But in which position did she finish in the 200m?

A: Silver

B: Bronze

C: Fourth

D: Fifth

15. Which country has never won a gold medal in the boys high jump?

A: Israel

B: South Korea


D: China

16. Which endurance event produced the three fastest youth times in history for all three medallists at the 2005 World Youth Champs?

A: Boys 3000m

B: Boys 2000m steeplechase

C: Girls 3000m

D: Girls 2000m steeplechase

17. Darya Klishina pipped Ivana Spanovic to long jump gold by 0.06m at which championships?

A: 2003

B: 2005

C: 2007

D: 2009

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