Uganda’s Olympic and world marathon champion Stephen Kiprotich pits his wits against the world’s fastest interview.

How did you celebrate winning Olympic marathon gold in London?

"I celebrated my gold medal when I arrived in Uganda. Wow, it was the most fantastic moment ever in my life. So many people where waiting for me, even President Mr Museveni.

"There were a lot of ceremonies and parties planned because it was my country’s first gold medal for 40 years. There were a lot of ceremonies and official functions. These moments are inspirational not just for me but the whole community of Uganda."

If you had to choose another event to star in, what would it be?

"I am not thinking about this, as I am an athlete and like to compete for many years to come. Running is part of my life. I can’t do without it."

What did you have for breakfast today?

"Tea and bread." 

What is your favourite pre-competition snack?

"Bread and bananas."


At Moscow 2013 Kiprotich added the world marathon title to his Olympic gold

Who was your most impressive teacher at school?

"I had so many good teachers in primary and secondary school. At primary school, teacher Chemonges who taught me social studies and sports. He saw I was willing to run, he supported me to train, also assisted with money to train and he gave me the time to train.

"At high school, headmaster Sam Cheptoris: a sports lover. He assisted me with education on full sponsorship and supported many athletes."

If you could not be an athlete, what would you be doing?

"I would be working full-time as a farmer."

Favourite holiday destination?

"My favourite holiday destination would be London, as that is the place where I became known."

Who would be your three celebrity dinner party guests?

"Ethiopian distance running legend Haile Gebrselasssie, Bob Marley and Ugandan musician Jose Chameleone.”